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Ticket Promotions and Discounts

Our Listed Ticket Prices May be Discounted from Time to time with Various Promotions! Frequently, these promotions are listed either in our Blog, on our Facebook Page, on our Twitter Feed, or in our EV Fest Update Newsletter!

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Often Promotions last a short period of time, maybe a week, maybe more, maybe less.

For EV Fest 2016 we may make a note on this page if we are running a promotion in any of the above sources, as an additional tip to help you find the promotion or Discount!

Some Promotions will be Discounts for saving money off current Ticket, others will be for buying multiple tickets, and there may also be some for hidden tickets! Special Tickets, and VIP Tickets, are some that come to mind! 

Promotions are for varying contacts, from Guests, to the Press (Journalists), to Exhibior Contacts. You may also contact your favourite exhibitor to see if they have been offered any Promotions for them to offer their guests!

Typical Promotions for Discounts may be a % Off, or a $ Value off a given ticket or Ticket Selection. Most are time limited, and some discounts may be running as short as 1 day, particularly if they are larger discounts!

When a Promotion is running - you will need the Promo Code to enter it in the Ticket Registration page - see info - Here.



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