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  Location Demonstrating EV Charging Stations!

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EV Fest©  
Our Anniversary, Has Not Happened this year, as we restructure in preparation for a Greater Show for EV Fest "Post Covid!"  

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At EV Fest shows in the past, you have seen Electric Vehicles (EV's), Plug-in Hybrid EV's (PHEV's), Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, EVSE Charging Companies, at a Canadian location with the Most Public Level 2 Charging Stations in one Place, and More!

EV Fest is Planning a Whole New Program Approach for All Participants: from Volunteers, to Guests, to Exhibitors. Past Attendees will be invited to be a part of the Redesign Process according to their input as we reach out to them!

EV Fest Hamilton Arena Exhibit Floor

For Those Unsure if Electric Vehicles are for You or if you are moving closer to a buying decision?

Test Drives and Rides Have Been available!

You Have Also Seen:

  • New Electric Vehicles,

  • EV Conversions,

  • EV Conversion Components,

  • Recumbent eBikes & Scooters, 

  • Electric Garden Tractors,

Also, you have met Local Electric Vehicle Organizations and their Organizers, and Discovered the Financial Benefits of Being a Member and an EV Ambassador!

4 Electric-Tractors with Junior Drivers
Not Just Cars - Electric Garden Tractors have Been Exhibited at EV Fest!

BMW i3 Test Drive Vehicle at EV Fest 2015
BMW Brought their i3 out to offer Test Drives to Guests, and Exhibitors!

Shauna Hunt Interviewing at EV Fest 2014
Shawna Hunt Interviewing Exhibitors at EV Fest Electric vehicle Show.

Conversations with Guests and EV Conversions
EV Conversions Like this Jaguar EV have been Exhibited at EV Fest.

6 Guests at EV Fest 2015 - with their own EV's!
North Wentworth Community Centre is one of the places we have exhibited at, as they have been making available their Twin Pad Arena and their Ten (10) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for our Show!

Here, A Mitusbishi iMiEV, 3 Volts, and a Leaf are all Pluged into the North side 5 of the EV Charging Spaces at this site! (The Tesla is Good! the Range is No Problem!)


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