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EV Fest - Past Events List

First Show: See EV Society Events for the EV Show & Shine BBQ 2010 
EV Fest 2010 The First EV Fest! (But the Second EV Show I worked on!)
EV Fest 2011 The Second Annual EV Fest! 1st at Evergreen Brick Works!
EV Fest 2012

The Third Annual EV Fest! 2nd at Evergreen Brick Works!

EV Fest 2013

The Fourth Annual EV Fest! 1st at BAKA Mobile!

EV Fest 2014

The Fifth Annual EV Fest! 1st at Hamilton! Our New Home!

EV Fest 2015

The Sixth Annual EV Fest! 2nd at Hamilton! Returning Home!

Besides EV Fest - We have supported other Events with Electric Vehicle Shows - starting with Formula North, creating Electric Avenue 2013, and have been invited to consider International Events as well. (To Be Announced at a later date.)

EV Fest Past Exhibitor List Pages:

EV Fest 2010;
EV Fest 2011;
EV Fest 2012;
EV Fest 2013;
EV Fest 2014;
EV Fest 2015.

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Autofocus.ca: EV Fest 2013 Coverage.
EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show Announcement.
GHEVA Mention of EV Fest 2015.

EV Fest's Beginnings

EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show began it's history as EV Show & Shine BBQ, and grew to become EV Fest, Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival, is an evolving event and activity, fixed in it's goal to show the public past, present, and future choices in transportation that can reduce their expenses, improve their efficiency, and reduce their waste, both in terms of pollution of the air we breath, and the money we spend to get around!

 EV Fest Forerunner - EV Show and Shine BBQ - Winners - Best in Show - Brian Kirk with Graham Lambert - Presented by James Sulivan

It is also Flexible in that anything that can support these goals may be exhibited at the show, with our desired primary subject to be Electric Vehicles, which today means 'Battery Electric Vehicles' as the only affordable and viable choice available to most people, be they a Tesla Roadster, or an eBike, or anything in between, most of us have not had general access to Super capacitors or Hydrogen Fuel Cells at an affordable price to buy at retail or be incorporated in a Do-It-Yourself Project.

Other Electric Vehicle Events and Shows will be listed here from time to time.

Partnership Events with EV Fest:
Electric Avenue 2013 - with Formula North: May 26th, 2013

Videos Related to EV Fest

EV Fest 2011, by O'Neill Real Estate's Gregory Lamb


Private Exhibitor Vehicles Videos:

SingularMotionEV Porsche 944 at EV Fest - #1


Toronto Electric A2B


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