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Watch here for announcements relating to EV Fest 2016, and relevant information about the show and future Events!
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Next Event Location & Date: T.B.A.

November 13th, 2016 - Post Show Update:
The Next Mini-Event will be announced shortly.  EV Fest Supporter Registrations / Donations are still active from the November 13th, Event, and you can still register for those - HERE! Pleast Note - It may say 'Registrations are Closed' but that is for the Event itself: Donation can still be Registered - Just Click the 'Details' Link!

November 12th/16: Sunday, November 13th, 2016

EV Fest Public EV Charging Station Show!
This Event is the 1st (First) of what we hope to be many, many, such small public events, where we will be creating a smaller event, showcasing the sites where there are more than one Electric Vehicle Charging Station available for Public Access. This one is at Yorkdale - East Parkade - a New Location only recently listed on PlugShare !

As below - but open to public, and covered in more channels of promotion, plus - more time advance notice to plan attendance!

(Updated October 30th, 2016:  'New Frequent Events' page - Missed Date and Invitation Errors, etc!) [Updated November 13th, 2016, due to date/day Mismatches!]

October 23rd, 2016: 1st Invite Only EV Charging Station Show
As a Test of a New Idea, on Friday Evening, October 21st, 2016, we sent out Invitations for past exhibitors and guests of EV Fest, and other contacts we had readily available, and invited them to come on down to check out the 10 new EV Charging Stations at Yorkdale Mall on Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Watch for Future Events like this one, that will be Public Events!

July 11th, 2016:  EV Fest 2016 Electric Tailgate Party is Cancelled due to a Death in the Family. Future Events to be announced!

July 10th, 2016: Big Changes to our Event this Year!
EV Fest 2016 is Now EV Fest 2016 Electric Tailgate Party! Competing Events on our Weekend, and insufficient Exhibitor Connections have re-directed our Event, rather than Cancel it!

We are now having a Tailgate Party, in the Parking Lot of the Harry Howell Arena! Exhibitors will use the South West Corner, where there are 5 Electric Vehicle chargering stations, and Guests with Electric Vehicles will have access to the 5 Charging Stations on the North West Corner, as Normally made available for them!

Come on down with your EV, hang out with us, and enjoy some snacks and munchies while we talk Electric Vehicles, what's new, what's coming, and who is bringing about the changes we see! Bring a Camera! Take some Pictures (Sharing them with us would be nice!) Guest EV's coming can Charge up on the EV Charging station on the North Side of the Parking Lot!

New Guest Tickets and New Exhibitor Registrations are up for this event!

June 27th, 2016:    Website has been updated with EV Fest 2016 Pre-Show and EV Fest 2016 Onsite Volunteer Registration Info and Links Added. 

June 26th, 2016:    Website has been updated with EV Fest 2016 Sponsorship Registration Links and Information Added. Detailed Graphics added on Exhibitor Load Pages, providing clearer information for Loading into arena. Additional Articles with Electric Vehicle News have been added.

June 24th, 2016:   Right Menu has been upgraded EV Fest Tickets Countdown by Eventbrite. EV Fest Blog has Ticket Registration Added, and Facebook Page has Event Tickets Promo Published. 

June 20th, 2016:   Main Menu has been upgraded with 'Exhibit Now' Link with integrated Registration, and sub-pages: Exhibitor Rates, Exhibitor Load Details, and Exhibitor Directions. First Exhibitor Registrations began 19 June 2016 at 6:29 PM (EDT) following emailed Registration Invitations to past EV Fest Exhibitors, and others. EV Fest Blog has been Published with Exhibitor Registrations online.   

June 12th, 2016:  Electric Vehicle News page has been added and published with an interesting lead Story - the Tesla Cross Canada Story!

June 4th, 2016:  EV Fest 2015 Content has been placed in it's own Directory -http://www.evfest.ca/pastevents/2015/    for Archival Purposes! Pages currently up include: What's in it for me + EV Fest Directions, This page, Volunteer Information About (Including History and links to past Events), and the Contact Page. Others are nearly ready but need supporting links brought online first.

EV Fest 2016  Information will now be worked into the Primary Site at http://www.evfest.ca/  !




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