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  New Location Demonstrating AC & DC EV Charging Stations!

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2nd Public EV Charging Show Event,
First one in Vaughan, Ontario!
Sunday, Jan. 22nd, 17, 12 - 3 PM

EV Fest will be putting on more frequent Events, at more varied places, to work better for more people, with more varied Days and Dates, to suit more Schedules! 
Tesla Model S Charging up at Yorkdale East Charging Stations
Compare Different Electric Vehicles from Different Auto Manufacturers, and what Different Owners think of their Same EV's! 
Ask owners about their Experiences! Find out about Specials, Rebates, Bonuses, and other Perks for EV Owners! Go Electric!

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  • Unsure if Electric Vehicles are for You?

  • Moving Closer to a buying decision?

  • Test Drives and Rides may be available!

Come on down with your EV, hang out with us, and enjoy some snacks and munchies while we talk Electric Vehicles, what's new, what's coming, and who is bringing about the changes we see! Bring a Camera! Take some Pictures (Sharing them with us would be nice!)

Shauna Hunt Interviewing at EV Fest 2014
Shawna Hunt Interviewing at EV Fest 2014 Electric vehicle Show.

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