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This year we are listing the variety of volunteer positions on our Volunteer Registration Site, in 2016 Volunteers during EV Fest 2016.

EV Fest 2016 Planning begins a long way before the Show Date for this years event date of July 16th and 17th, 2016! Long Days during the show are a norm, but before the show happens, there are many things a Volunteer can do, without the long hours in one shot, that can be of a lot of help in developing EV Fest!

Our Volunteer Page has this years principle list of Volunteers, and they are divided into two groups: Pre-Show Volunteers, and On-Site Volunteers!

Volunteering During the Show day is one way to help! That's what a lot of people think about when Volunteering, but there are more possabilities to help with by Volunteering before the Show itself!

Pre-Show Activities include helping gather information, Researching Contacts to invite, Candidates for Sponsoring EV Fest, New Exhibitors, and Communications channels to share the word about EV Fest 2015!

Pre-Show Volunteers may build lists of, and Contact: Chambers of Commerce(Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.); Build lists of, and Contacting Unions - National and Local; Build lists of, and Contacting Professional Associations; Cultural Groups; Politicians; Manufacturers; Hotels and Motels; Educational Institutions - like Universities, Colleges, and even High Schools!

Many people in such institutions and facilities may have intereset in Electric Vehicles, and noteven know about EV Fest, as a place to come and find out more, learn, meet, discuss, and often - take test drives!

All these additional Positions are for the purpose of helping these people learn about EV Fest - to Volunteer, Attend, possibly Exhibit, and maybe even Sponsor!

Contact us by email to enquire about Volunteer Positions, or register online on our Mailing List.




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