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Sponsors In Kind

Sponsors who give of their services, media space, or promotional power instead of Cash payments to promote EV Fest, OR - Sponsor in Trade: Paying a given Sponsorship Value, that will be used to buy services from them to promote EV Fest.

May Include Venue, Print, Audio and Video Services, or Signs & Billboards, and these may be divided into further details.

  • Venue: Exhibit Space, Tent(s), Parking, Barriers, Traffic Guidance, etc.
  • Print: Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Books, etc.
  • Audio: Radio Broadcast, Podcasts, mp3's, WAV's, etc.
             - Radio can be National, Regional, or Local.
  • Video: Television, Web Video, DVD's, Video Tapes, etc.
  • Signs & Billboards: can Be City, Country; 400 Series Highway, Provincial Roads, or Regional Roads; Office Building, Banners, Hard Signs, or other.

Newspapers can be further divided into National, Regional and Local.
Magazines, can be on point, like Charged EVs, or general, Like Motor Trend.
Newsletters can be Corporate, City, University, College, or High School, Union, or other organizations.

Books can be similar to Magazines in terms of Relevance.

Weather Paid or in Kind, To be classed as an EV Fest Sponsor - the Value Must meet the minimum Sponsorship Level or a Rubber Sponsor (Freshman) - of $100.00 Value. Lower Values should be considered simply - Donations. Values up to $10,000 in Services, Programs, or Promotion may be Recognized, as if they were paid in cash or online registration.



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