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Provincial EV Infrastructure Plans.

There are a Number of Frequently Asked Questions that relate to - What Are Provincies in Canada doing, or even looking at - to enhance and expand their Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Public and other EV Charging purposes!

What EV Charging Gaps Exist?

  • BC published a report on August 31, 2015, to look at what Gaps Exist in the present Direct Current (DC) Charging Infrastructure, that they could address by filling them.

    DCFC Gap Analysis Report  offers recommendations for the next phase of fast charging station deployment in B.C. With the renewal of the Clean Energy Vehicle Program, introduced on April 1 2015, the Province of British Columbia will be supporting up to 20 new Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) to help address some of the geographic gaps in B.C.’s network (for a total of 50 stations).

    Conclusions A network of 50 DCFC stations in B.C. is clearly not enough to satisfy electric travel throughout the province. However, locating stations to serve key regions and routes will better support existing EV drivers, and promote future uptake of EVs. There is no real consensus on the best approach for DCFC deployment – increasing density in urban regions, or extending long-haul corridors – except to say that likely a combination of both is needed.

    Read the full report, Click Here.

  • To Stay Competitive, and get ahead of Demand


What are Current Plans in Action, and Pending?

  • Sales of EV's are growing Rapidly, with USA Figures rising from 52,600 in 2012, to 100,000 in 2013.





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